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Templar Auto Group


Meet Our Staff

Mickey Mijatovic:
Owner & CEO

Hello! My name is Mickey Mijatovic, owner and CEO of Templar Auto Group. When I formed Templar Auto Group in April of 2010 it was my goal to provide a new way of selling cars. I choose to remove the guess work out of buying a used car by cherry picking my inventory. If it's not safe enough for my wife, it's not safe enough for my customers! I make sure to do my research on each vehicle before I attempt to purchase them by running the Carfax vehicle history report on each vehicle that goes onto my auction list. In addition, I arrive early to the auctions and carefully go through the vehicles and hook up my scanner to identify any potential problems, in order to eliminate those that don't measure up to my high standards.

I don't believe in large profit margins. I like the fact that I can sell my vehicles at a minimal profit margin creating great deals for the customer. If my customers are happy and feel they got a great vehicle along with a great price for which they didn't have to deal with the hassle of haggling, then I did my job. I know they are likely to come back and are likely to refer us to family, friends, colleagues, etc. and often end up writing positive reviews. My customers matter to me and it is my goal to provide outstanding customer service. I will not ask for the sale and you will never feel pressured to buy one of my cars. The decision is yours to make. I offer extended warranties on applicable vehicles through Pro Guard with no mark up costs. It was my decision not to include the warranty with each vehicle as it would raise the retail price. It is a customer's right to choose if they would like the warranty. I will not make that decision for you!

If you require financing and are unfamiliar with the process, I can help guide you along the way. We work with several local credit unions who offer low APRs, and we work with lenders who specialize in working with people who are trying to build credit or repair their credit.

In my downtime away from the office I enjoy relaxing at home and playing my guitars, and spending time with my wife and dog. I am a strong advocate for animal rescue! I am also bilingual speaking Serbian and English. Thank you for taking the time to read my bio and learn a little bit about my company, our values, and interests of mine outside of the office.

Nicholle Mijatovic:
Marketing Manager

Hello! My name is Nicholle Mijatovic and I am the marketing manager for Templar Auto Group. You can find us on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. I am a native to the Pacific Northwest. In 2008 my husband and I made the decision to sell our home, pack up all of our possessions and make the coast to coast trip to the Carolinas. We have been very happy living in the south and feel thankful to be a part of our community. Like my husband I am a strong advocate for animal rescue. Thank you for taking the time to read about my position and a little bit about who I am.

Winston Mijatovic:
Team Supporter

Hello! My name is Winston Mijatovic and I am the team supporter of Templar Auto Group. I am an adorable well tempered miniature schnauzer who was rescued in Cabarrus County. My Daddy and Mommy have provided a loving and stable home for me. I especially like it when I get to go in to work with them. On those days I'm usually dressed in a tie or bow tie. If it's winter you may catch me in my sweater. I enjoy welcoming the customers, and I love kids. Hopefully when you decide to visit Templar Auto Group I will be lucky enough to be at the office so I can meet you and make a new friend. Thank you for supporting Templar Auto Group and taking the time to learn about our company.